With Hayley Palmer

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SPARK: Fitness for Creatives is a new comprehensive workout class specifically designed for performing artists and creative professionals.

It incorporates the methodologies of yoga, interval training, physical theater, and mindfulness to keep the creative instrument healthy and in tune for your artistic endeavors. Most importantly, it is a safe space moderated by a fitness instructor that speaks actor language. 

SPARK is for artists who wish to:

  • Get a challenging workout and tune your performance instrument in one class.
  • Deepen your connection to the body, voice, and self
  • Cultivate presence, power, and confidence in physical instincts
  • Have a safe, creative space where the inner child can come out to play
  • Engage with fellow artists and expand your community

This 60-90 minute class is structured as follows:

  1.     Connection (10 mins) — mindfulness, coming together, and returning to the self
  2.     Conditioning (45 mins) — strength, flexibility, and cardio
  3.     5 min break, option to depart
  4.     Play (30 mins) — group games, explorations, and improv

All fitness and artistic experience levels are welcome to this introductory class!

Size: 10-14 people

We believe in making fitness and education affordable for NYC artists. We will accept donations for the space rental, Hayley's commute, future SPARK classes and Moonshot Theatre programming. 

Suggested Donation: $7-$15


If you have trouble registering Email to reserve.
E-mail for questions.

All fitness and experience levels are welcome! 

About the Instructor

 Photo by Claire Edmonds

Photo by Claire Edmonds

Hayley Palmer is an actor, educator, dancer and choreographer from San Diego, CA. She received her MFA in Acting from the University of California, Irvine where she studied with the internationally acclaimed physical theater director Annie Loui. She then spent two years on the National Tour of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast as the Dance Captain/Swing. Hayley now teaches Improvisation, Voice, Movement, and Shakespeare for New York Film Academy, and performs in Drunk Shakespeare Off-Broadway. She choreographed Romeo + Juliet + Anybodys which received Producers’ Pick and Critics’ Pick at the 2017 Cincinnati Fringe Festival, and recently staged the fight choreography for Bridge Production Group’s Red Light Winter. Hayley is working with Andrea Haring toward her designation in Linklater Voice. Other passions include horoscopes, drums, podcasts, and sushi.

“I’m deeply excited to discover how SPARK may support this hustling community of NYC artists. I’ve spent the past few years trying out just about every kind of fitness class I could find — yoga, HIIT, barre, lifting, running, spinning, silk-ing, and the list goes on! I gained valuable insight from these experiences about what training approaches and environments seemed to best supplement my life as an actor and teacher.”    

We will develop and expand the training initiative throughout 2018 - 2019.
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